Is Your Business Profits Sky-rocketing, Or Is It Down?

I see it all over the place. Companies made huge sales one year ago but are struggling these days. Sales are so low their balance sheets are trying to get straight. Sales managers and other executives are dropping like flies for their salespeople. I recently went to a local big box office supply store and was amazed when I overheard one salesperson sitting at the Everything Together area. He openly told us how he went from $12,000 in sales two years ago to only $5,000 a week! He was virtually lying down Last year, but if he wanted his company to survive and thrive, he convinced his boss to make that strategy into Tram supervision. He openly stated, “Heard a lot about sales projections. Three months ago, I was making $15,000 in sales. I just had to pay for an exact measure of our quarterly performance. This frame of mind of using an exact measure of the quarterly performance’s made it challenging for us to perform well.”

Eventually, he said he forgot how a quarter was set. “Once in a while, I check some of the numbers to see if they are accurate or not,” I asked. He replied, “I just add up the numbers for a week or so.”

This kind of performance, even in a small company, can have huge ramifications. At least for a quarter, underperforming sales and keeping sales flat can cause financial trouble or possibly even the company to fold. For many companies, their owners, managers, and directors must be willing to look at their quarterly performance if they want the company to survive.

The explanation might be to keep their sales on track for some companies. One sector’s problem may be to take a more aggressive sales force to command high prices. Although the costs of equipment, materials or any expense like that are high, manufacturing to cover the costs may be even higher. Indeed what I found suspicious was that no one would commit to these expenses with a whole mindset. Look, it is not hard to calculate your break-even sales volume.

If your cost to manufacture is today’s purchasing costs plus your expenses plus your sales volume, then your break-even sales volume is : $1,000,000 + $1,000,000 + $1,000,000 – $1,000,000 ). In other cases, companies may get so caught up in keeping their sales under control that no one has their head out of the sand. They felt that they needed to control their salespeople, especially when the sales were down, but they did not realise the problem was inside the company’s door or internal operations.

This kind of problem was exposed to us when several sales reps lost their jobs. Suddenly, brilliant as they are, they are all under combat, trying to make up for lost sales or poor activity in this case. It naturally made them feel insecure and fearful that their jobs would be eliminated.

Some of their leaders and other management immediately use excuse after excuse not to do anything. They are saying that it is not our fault, the economy is down and we need to cut expenses to increase profits. These excuses are no different than trying to hide behind quarterly performance reports.

The management characterises this behaviour as an issue, but it is an organisational issue. And, like it or not, it will affect the organisation’s survival. Even worse is that this kind of dilemma is not new to many companies.

An organisation experiencing this internal and external problem can have the same danger and solution. They can deliberately hire a salesperson or people with the right attitude, and that is their attribute of desire to make a sale. And as long as they do, they will not be counting those bottom dollar figures that are not minding their own business. They will not know whether it is the outlook, the attitude of their sales team or the manager that caused the problem.

Many companies selected this extreme strategy some time ago, but most would have been entirely blind to the problem developing. Today, this is an excellent opportunity to see if this strategy is better than the status quo by taking the importance of a trained, cheerful and independent salesperson and its effect on your gorilla strategy.

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